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Anna's Hummingbird

Calypte anna


Photo Credit: Alan Sparkman

Art Quilt by Polly Matsuoka

(2 Place, Westmont Biodiversity Art Contest )

The rapid buzz and chirp of Anna's hummingbirds can be heard throughout campus, as they move swiftly from flower to flower, and chase each other in spectacular territorial displays (including repeated, death-defying dives from a hovering position).

Anna's hummingbirds are much larger than the second most common hummingbird, the Allen's hummingbird, and the iridescent feathers on male heads are bright pink rather than orange. You can see them lots of places, but the hummingbird sage around Winter Hall is a good place to start.

Look here for a picture of an Anna's fledgling perched and waiting to be fed by its parent.

Photo Credit: Kyler Hanson

Video Credit: Amanda Sparkman

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