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The Westmont Biodiversity initiative is based in the Biology department at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, but is very much a collaborative endeavor of faculty, staff, students and neighbors.

With this website, we hope to...


...provide increasingly refined information on campus biodiversity (we still have a long way to go).

...share tips on where you might have the best chances of seeing any given species on campus.

...share engagement with campus species by campus poets and artists.

...provide a resource for students pursuing independent projects for classes or research on campus.

...foster greater awareness and affection for the other creatures with whom we share our campus.

All photos, videos, and audio recordings on this site were taken on Westmont's campus proper, or in Las Barrancas faculty housing adjacent to campus.

If you have any pictures, videos, or recordings of interesting species you have found around campus or Las Barrancas faculty housing that you would like to contribute, feel free to upload them, along with some helpful information to our virtual dropbox. Your contributions may even be featured on the website!

Questions or comments? Please contact

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