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We are only at the very beginning of documenting and identifying the great variety of insects on our campus--please keep a close look out, and help us add to our list!

Note that we have a separate page for Butterflies & Moths.

Asian Lady Beetle

Australian Tortoise Beetle

Bordered Plant Bug

Bush Katydid

Flame Skimmer

Gray Bird Grasshopper

Gray Walkingstick


Long-horned Beetle

Snowy Tree Cricket

Torpedo Bug

Variable Field Cricket

Wing-tapping Cicada

Long-legged Fly 

White Butterfly Parasite

Cotton Seed Bug

Jerusalem Cricket 

California Elderberry Borer

 Cotton Seed Bug 


Paul Willis

Extra Innings


From a shaky scaffold rising out of the poison oak,

a pair of men are tearing off

the back of our redwood baseball stands.


Who would have guessed it? 

Between the boards, row on row of honeycombs,

packed in like a visiting team in brown and saffron uniforms. 


All these years a sweetness

building at our backs, a hidden infield

of play, the score kept in numberless columns


by so many runs home.  Here was a game

never called on account of darkness,

only halted by too much light.


—from Visiting Home (Pecan Grove Press, 2008)

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