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Wilson's Warbler

Cardellina pusilla

Video Credit: Henry Zylstra Trail Cam

Audio Credit: Thomas Everest

If you see a bright yellow bird with a black cap high in the trees, it’s a Wilson’s warbler!  These birds are most frequently seen in the southwest portion of the campus trail just west of the Garden, and on the northeast portion below the Dining Commons.


Wilson's Warbler (Englyn Cyrch)


Little lemon drop, sunshine 
dancing between the leaves, mine 
the honor to witness this 
moment of bliss, single sign 

of spring, on the wing from tree 
to tree. Cap of ebony, 
bold darkness against the bright 
at the grove’s highest height, free 

to sing “chee-chee-chee, don’t you 
see-see-see that the debut 
of spring is happening now?” 
Warmth spreads from your bough into 

air, sweet song permeates 
frost, snow, winter abates 
as others join in your song, 
nature’s choir, voices rising strong. 

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