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The Birder 


But why watch birds? you may ask, 

There are so many little reasons why. 

To see a chickadee in a tiny mask, 

to watch vultures soar against a sky.

A phoebe flicks its shiny tail 

to show off at all, watch or don't. 

Witness as hawks hunt, succeed or fail, 

or wait for a nuthatch to fall (it won't). 

Watch titmice tease ruby-crowned kings

tricky with their call, chick-a-dee-dee-dee, 

the rustle of a crow's wings

leaving its perch in canopy. 

A tiny gnatcatcher's stern glare 

(a false black eyebrow makes it appear)

yet scold it does, "Come close, if you dare,"

a small bird's message loud and clear. 

"Every bird is a person" you would glean 

if you just got closer. But some forgot 

to look up; but nature's reality can be seen; 

the question, rather, is Why not? 



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