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Mourning Dove

Zenaida macroura


Photo Credit: Alan Sparkman

Video Credit: Amanda Sparkman


Birds on Campus



Mourning doves repeat themselves.

    No end of loss,

        no end of loss.


Corvus on a black Corvette.

    There never yet

        was a car named Crow.


Juncos spread across the lawn.

    Linebackers shifting

        position before the snap.


Acorn woodpeckers knock out

    little redwood rooms.

        Habitat for acornity.


Scrub jay.

    What can I say?

        What can I say?


—from Getting to Gardisky Lake (Stephen F. Austin State UP, 2016)

The faint-hearted mourning dove is easily startled out of the bushes, flying up suddenly and vocalizing with rapidly fluttering wings. Their low, sweet song is an easily distinguishable sound across campus. You can see a picture of a dove sitting on her nest in faculty housing on the Breeding Birds page.

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