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Eastern Fox Squirrel

Sciurus niger


Eastern fox squirrels are relative newcomers to our area, and they have been very successful!  They join the California ground squirrel as by far the most numerous squirrel on our campus--but are easily distinguished with their reddish fur, and tendency to flee up trees.

Their bulky nests made of sticks and leaves can be seen high in the trees throughout campus, and if you look closely you'll see baby squirrels venturing tentatively out of them in late Spring, to stretch their legs and get some sun.  The picture here is of a baby curiously peeking out of what may have been a nest inside a hole in an oak tree.

eastern fox squirrel_mother_Carroll Hall

Photo Credit: Amanda Sparkman (1), Henry Zylstra (2)

Video Credit; Henry Zylstra Trail Cam

Audio Credit: Amanda Sparkman

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