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Canis latrans

Photo Credit: Henry Zylstra

Video Credit: Biology Department Trail Cam

Audio Credit 1: Amanda Sparkman

Audio Credit 2: Meredith Whitnah

The eeriest shrieking across campus can be heard during first-year orientation, and on nights when the coyotes are abroad. These sociable canids are most often seen on the edges of campus and faculty housing, in open fields or dense brush.


This one is hunting gophers in the rain.




Coyotes wreathe their calls again

outside our bedroom, ululating

the sudden fugue.  We wake

once more.  You find the binoculars

and finally see them against the moon,


intertwining feet and fur to say

their place, to say their firm belonging

far beyond our stead, to say our sleep

is theirs by right, a dream of home

so broken by a moment's howling.


—from Visiting Home (Pecan Grove Press, 2008)

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