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California Quail

Callipepla californica


Photo Credit: Alan Sparkman


male California Quail_Las Barrancas.JPG


female California quail_Las Barrancas.JP

California quail live in pairs or in larger groups throughout campus, and their songs resonate from lookouts on shrubs (chicAgo-chicAgo-chicAAAgo!).  You may also hear their tapping, rapid-fire call as they move deep within the shrubs.

In the spring, a favorite sight on campus is a string of tiny fledglings running along after their parents. See the Breeding Birds page for a video of a little fledgling hiding under its father's wings.

Audio Credit: Thomas Everest (1), Henry Zylstra (2)


California Quail (Luc-bat)


Out of misty morn they 
descend, ready to play along 
paths. Ghosts is the last word, wrong 
to describe them; strut strong and proud 
in chestnut and gold, loud 
kurr-kurrs proclaim their crowd as here. 
Atop their crowns are mere 
baubles that make it clear they are 
jesters, with crescents, white stars 
across cloudy gray sky, dark faces, rotund 
bodies, they vanish. 

Photo Credit: Henry Zylstra (1,2)

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